"Marvel Cinematic Universe" News & Discussion, Part 5 (Spoilers)

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Groan. Ali's casting doesn't mean the Netflix shows aren't canon. That's too much of a leap to make! Not until the words come out of Feige's mouth they aren't, it still is, imo.
I agree with you but for the opposite reason. Until Feige actually explains the continuity messes and discrepancies between the movies and shows, I'm considering every TV show but the Disney+ stuff officially pushed out of the canon. Until I hear otherwise from Feige. Because he's had several opportunities to address this question from fans, and refuses to do it. And I interpret that as him believing none of the TV stuff we've seen so far is canon, and he's simply not going to stab the TV producers in the back by stating that out loud.

I think Joss Whedon was right about the TV shows being non-canon, which is amazing considering he created one of them, and that opinion directly hurts his own brother and sister in law, who are showrunners. But nobody took Joss's opinion about that seriously because he's dumb enough to believe the same thing about Winter Soldier, which is outright idiotic. But I think if Joss WERE wrong about the TV shows themselves, Feige would have bothered correcting him, especially since Joss burned his bridges with Marvel on the way out the door with that statement.

The ironic thing about the TV shows is that Endgame suggests the only canon TV show is Agent Carter. It's the first time a TV exclusive character (Jarvis) appeared in one of the films. But I think it's the only TV show that could possibly claim that. The Snap and The Blip messed up everything else.

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The Disney brand won't let Feige be too exclusive. There's honestly alot of stuff I would love to see in the MCU officially, and alot I wouldn't.

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Feige also said they announced the complete Phase 4 line-up at Comic-Con, though things could still change. And Blade is apparently part of Phase 5.

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