"Marvel on Disney+" Pre-Release News & Discussion, Part 5 (Spoilers)


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Huh admittedly I thought the first MCU character to speak directly to Feige would be Deadpool but She Hulk makes sense honestly since she has technically been doing it BEFORE DP and though perhaps not known as much for it is still known for it. Wonder if that means Feige will actually appear on camera for the first time as himself in the MCU. Obviously guy works much more behind the scenes but he's due for at least one appearance in the universe right? Two because I also think DP should have it as well but probably different then what will happen with She Hulk.


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Bella/Big from Polly Pocket reminds me of Big Barda from DC Superhero Girls 2015, being a physically strong character who's initially antagonistic before becoming a friend to the main characters, and showing a softer side. Rhona Rees even seems to channel a voice similar to Misty Lee. I know Shea Fontana developed both shows, but still.
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I’m hoping the first Madagascar movie finally airs on Nickelodeon this year. They’ve only played the sequels so far.
Feels like I’m the only person who uses Opera

This song made me realize how it's rare for most projects to pair up Goofy and Daisy, yet they play well off of each other.
Man, animation Twitter has stooped on the new low where they bullied a girl to a suicide for liking a character they don't.

May she rest in peace.

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