"Marvel on Disney+" Pre-Release News & Discussion, Part 6 (Spoilers)

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May 28, 2010
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You can definitely hear the creators' passion to do the character and the culture right :).

I mean, they don't do SDCC anymore, maybe they should do their own Marvel convention like FanDome...although I guess that's D23 and Invenstors Day o_O.

I'm guessing they're alluding to Kamala heading to Israel to reconnect with her roots and meet Red Dagger :cool:.
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This is a pretty sad time to be a WB and CN fan right now.
I don't entirely trust streaming platforms. Paying a monthly fee to watch some shows or listen to music that may one day disappear from the service for no reason, possibly to turn up on another service you have to subscribe to, all while they jack up the prices every few months or so.

It's just going to encourage people to watch stuff on pirate sites.
It's a good thing that Peanuts aren't owned by any major American company, and still has Schulz Family involvement. WildBrian and Sony Music Entertainment Japan have so far been good majority owners. (Hope this post doesn't turn sour in the future) Saying this after seeing the newest specials that have been done pretty well, whilst taking a risk of not just doing stories from the strips.
All of today's news about HBOMax and the whole purge remind me that CN used to be "the place to be" for me.

I'm old.
I'm just worrying about what shows CN will make under Zaslav lead

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