"Moon Knight (Disney+ Limited Series)" Talkback (Spoilers)

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Yes, have some.
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Jul 13, 2003
5/24: Ok, so now the Assembled episode should up streaming shortly.
Join the likes of Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke as they reveal how Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight was painstakingly brought to life. Through insightful interviews with cast and crew, along with immersive footage from the set, ASSEMBLED pulls back the curtain on this groundbreaking series. Additionally, The Making of Moon Knight incorporates a candid “roundtable discussion” with the series’ directors.

6/6: Some songs in Moon Knight like in episode 3 will be censored in Egypt.
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Jun 9, 2002
Troy NY
Moon Knight "The Goldfish Problem"


I like that the first episode is set up as a mystery and the viewer is not clued into what is going on. We can guess, and people who've read the comics know, but it's a good puzzle for newbs like me.

I didn't expect it to be this funny and enjoyable, and I'm glad that it was.

Like a lot of MCU Disney+ TV stuff, the soundtrack of classic songs makes the project extra enjoyable.

One thing I didn't like, speaking as someone with mental illness, and speaking as someone who has been friends with people with disassociative disorder, was the PSA at the very end of the credits about where to go for info on mental illness and health. I'm like, "Hey, man, either somebody is gonna be offended by this premise or not. Don't pull back and act like it's a sympathetic portrayal of the problem." It uses it as a gimmick, which is my mind is fine. But the PSA makes it sound like they are really trying to be respectful of people who suffer from it, and they're not. And frankly, they're not required to be. It feels a bit that the producers are a little too worried about offending people about this, and having their cake and eating it too. If Batman: The Animated Series has a tenth as much concern for the portrayal of mental illness as this did, we'd have been in great shape. As it stands, I wish the show didn't try to pretend it cares about the struggles people with the actual illness go through. If they did, they could tell a different story. Since they chose this one, I expect them to have enough confidence in it to stand by it. Speaking as someone with schizo-effective, I'm more offended by the show trying to have it both ways, than I was by anything in the episode itself.

But that was a promising opener. Sort of weird how it was a credit blurb that got my biggest bit of ire there. ****.

More recent comics have rebooted MK to where he has disassociative identity disorder (DID), whereas originally, Marc Spector created the alter egos of Jake Lockley and Steven Grant to help collect clues on MK cases. I remember the 1st MK solo series (1980), and at the time, Marvel decided MK was their Batman, complete with the playboy persona (Grant), and the street smart one (Lockley).

That said, this iteration is loopy. I think also they rebooted Marc as British and set the show in London because they don't want all of Marvel's heroes based in New York. Right now, I'm not feeling Oscar Isaac as MK/Marc/Steven.


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