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Putting Bleeps on a Streaming Show Is Stupid
Jul 9, 2008
Post any movie ideas you have here

Here's one I had

A college football coach that has led his school for over 40 years is preparing to retire after the final game of the season. His team is not in contention for a bowl game. At halftime, the coach suffers a heart attack and dies. His team, trailing at the half, rallies to win the game for their fallen coach.


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Happy 57th Anniversary to A Charlie Brown Christmas.
Jessica Gallaher said on her website that she worked on Jessica's Big Little World. Given how she credits herself as both a storyboard artist and writer, this means the show is storyboard driven like Craig Of The Creek. This is also the second preschool show after Let's Go Luna to be storyboard driven.

Wrote a little review for Kids Next Door: Operation Zero today. Quite a nice watch that expanded the universe in fun and interesting ways, as per usual.
Looks like there is some good news!

I speculate this third pandemic winter could end up being it's very last one, ever (we don't need to have too many).

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