My Craig of the Creek movie idea


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Nov 2, 2018
Huntsville, Alabama
It's quite similar to the Hey Arnold movie.
The creek kids are about get to the worst news of the summer. They just found out that their beloved creek is about to be destroyed by a sinister developer named Mr. Michelson to build a gigantic mall. Which also causes their parents to sell their houses and move away from each other. At home, Craig gets an idea from his parents on how to stop the demolished. Craig rallies up the creek kids as they protest against the company, he also organize a block party to make sure they'll be heard from the company they'll not let them tear down the creek, but it get shut down by the police. All the kids face the fact that their creek will be gone forever. Craig see's how this will effect the kids as their friendships will come to an end. At home, Craig's dad tells him that Michelson was his old rivalry in college and his mom's ex boyfriend who stole his dean list from him. At night, Craig has a nightmare where he's being chased by a giant bulldozer around the creek. During the night, Craig finds out that the creek was an historical landmark of an incident along time ago, he realize that if he can retrieve the document he can save the creek along with his friends J.P. and Mortimer. To uncover the document, they must go to the big city to retrieve it with Bernard as their driver. (Who agrees to help them to get back with Alexis, who breaks up with him due to moving away.) While arrive at the company, they meet Michelson who denies about the document. They also find out that he is Xavier father, who is using dad to get back at them for taking him away from his kingdom. They must stop both Michelson and Xavier from destroying the creek or everything they know and love will be gone.

The soundtrack would be featured Lil Tecca, SZA, Finneas, Juice Wrld, Kehlani, Leon Bridges, Duckwrth, SAINt JHN and Cordae
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