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Perla Magica

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Jul 29, 2016
Poland (Europe)
S02E21/22 "Playwright or Wrong/The Shows Must Go On"

The first episode: very fun. Fluttershy as a mime is another highlight I enjoyed. First clown, now a mime, what else she can be?

"I can play seven roles." You know Rarity so well.

Rainbow Dash can be now a living projector, really?

The second episode: It's a Rarity episode. It's kinda obvious she can't be a two places at the same time, and in the end the play at the second theater gets cancelled much to Rarity's surprise.

The devil side of Rarity is wears the Tiara of Truth, okay, it's a obviously a trick that you can't show the devil in a pony show.

I love how the pony director mistakes Rarity's name as Clarity or Charity.

It was not bad episode.

S02E21: 6/10
S02E22: 6,5/10

S02E23/24 "The De-stress Ball/Mad Props"

Is Chamomila this show's version of Tree Hugger? I love her design.

Both episodes were really great. I enjoyed this week's arc, especially the second segment with the theater play. The fight with the probs-monster was fantastic, I mean, outside the comfy and funny moments in Pony Life in general the ACTION is what this show missed. The writers really took the lessons from FiM so well.

The question at the end of the second episode is: what Discord is planning? The next episode will explain everything.

S02E23 & 24: 8,5/10

Perla Magica

Digital Love
Jul 29, 2016
Poland (Europe)
S02E25/26 "Magic Is Ahoof/Journey to the Centre of the 'cord"

The story keeps getting interesting and better. Discord stole ponies' all wishes? Unexpected but clever. I can't wait for this arc's resolution.

S02E25 & 26: 8,5/10

S02E27/28 "One Last Wish/Wild Hearts Beats"

Well, that was an great season finale, once again with the catchy song.

Cheerilee is now the wacky and crazy salepony in PL canon. Fun.

All arcs were connected with each other this whole season, but they never explained what's the deal with the giant baloon. Eh, I guess the writers had no time to explain it since this season is very short.

I guess Discord - even if he helped restore Equestria back to normal - is still the chaotical trobulemaker. This show has own rules.

As the second season ends, I can say this season was really short. That's because G5 is coming soon this year and it's really sad to see G4,5 go. This season was better than first season, that's what I can tell.

S02E27 & 28: 9/10


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