My predictions as a wannabe media mogul between 2021-2040

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Oct 21, 2020
London, England, UK
My predictions as a wannabe media mogul between 2021-2040 is I'll buy ITV and RTL Group. I keep the ITV production business and the 'ITV' brand name but dispose the broadcast side of ITV. Then I'll would sell of all Granada Hit Entertainment assets including linear pay channels, ITV's old production studios and 'ITV' brand name to DiscoveryWarnerUniversal/Sky.

My company would then embark on bring back they style of pre-00s British media and TV and other cultures starting with a Netflix documentary. That would lead into Sky bring back the 1995 (for one year) and later 1996 idents and old TV channels and logos and shows brought back. The trailblazer of inspired back to basics TV channels is a weekend pay TV channel in joint venture between my company and Sky called Sky 3 Woodcroft Television. After one year of one national channel Sky 3 Woodcroft Television would be split in to 15 regions named after all ITV companies from 1982-1992 franchise period. A year later all the traditional pay TV platforms like Sky, Virgin Media, BT Sat and the revived BSB will form part of the federation of British pay TV services using the the ITV name. ITV would have the promotion for the pay TV in Britain but individual pay TV platforms would still do marketing the service.

Two years later part of the strategy to bring regional/local pay TV channels to Sky, the platform would split into 15 regions named after Sky 3 regions with each regions having the headends for Sky platform. The group of Sky platforms would be Thames Television (weekdays only), LWT (weekends only), Granada Television, Central TV, Yorkshire Television, TVS, Anglia Television, TSW, Tyne Tees Television, HTV, Border Television, Scottish Television, Grampian Television, Channel Television and UTV. Once Republic of Ireland becomes part of Britain, Sky would own RTE, they would sell the radios channels but keep the RTE archive. The brand used for the Sky's Ireland platform and Sky 3's Ireland station would be named Zee TV because Sky would've owned Asian broadcaster. Unlike other Sky regions, the package for Zee TV would be on Hotbird and Eutelsat 9B (& Ka-Sat).

Each Sky regions would have promotion but Sky would still have the national marketing the service.


Jul 2, 2021
Wow, what an amazing plan Paul, I’m sure it will be the success story of the century. Just one problem, how will the Republic of Ireland rejoin Britain?


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