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Nov 16, 2016
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My predictions for 2022:

- The rest of It's Pony will go to Paramount+ after airing the 2nd season on Nicktoons.
- It's Pony will end after its 2nd season.
- Middlemost Post will not air new episodes on the sister channels, only Nickelodeon will air the new episodes.
- The Casagrandes will end after its 3rd season.
- The Loud House will end after its 6th season.
- Nick will rebrand and add a bit more variety to the channel, and its sister channels as well.
- The Fairly OddParents live-action reboot will get renewed for a second season, and may also air on Nickelodeon.
- Dora the Explorer live-action reboot will premiere on Paramount+ in the Fall.
- The Patrick Star Show and Kamp Koral will finish their current seasons and start their new seasons (additional episodes for Kamp Koral) in the fall for their linear tv run.
- Kamp Koral will be cancelled by the end of the year.
- Nick will add more live-action slots to their schedule in the summer.
- Garfield will start in the Fall.
- Nick Jr. will add a Noggin block during the weekend mornings, that will air old-school NickJr./Noggin shows.
- NickToons and TeenNick will start airing more classic programming during the early summer.

That's all for my predictions, kind of unrealistic most of these but yeah.


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Another family emergency update (long story short):

After charging in and out of the hospital a few more times, my mother had to do a colonoscopy earlier this month and they detected colon cancer. So yesterday, she underwent colon surgery and is now 100% cancer-free.

Now she's in the ICU due to very low blood pressure, still in the process of recovery.
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Just sending out hearts and hugs to anyone who needs them on this awful day. You're not alone.
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