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Dec 31, 2013
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There wasn't an existing thread for this channel, so I thought I'd make one. Considering how we have threads for children's blocks months before they even launch, this shows how little attention the station has received - it doesn't help that it's available on much fewer cable providers than even Nicktoons or TeenNick, and only available streaming through Spectrum TV Essentials (only available in select areas) and fuboTV's "Extra" package.

NickMusic was formerly MTV Hits, and even five years after its launch fuboTV still shows the MTV Hits logo on all of their programming blocks in the schedule. The major differences between NickMusic and MTV Hits seem to be heavier censorship (in this song I just heard, "bed", "touching", "bumping", and "heart" (???) were blanked out) and the fact that NickMusic is ad-free. The only logical reason I could think for this is that Viacom's other music channels tend to play phonesex ads after 10pm or so, and rather than try to find kid-friendly advertisers for a niche network that late they just opted to make it without commercials.

The Radio Disney-sized hole in my heart has yet to be filled by this. They sometimes play alternative music, such as BENEE's "Kool" or WILLOW's "t r a n s p a r e n t s o u l", but having JoJo Siwa, That Girl Lay Lay, or whatever child "star" interrupt it is way worse than hearing a Teen Beach Movie song every once in a while on Radio Disney.

I almost wonder why they don't launch it as a Pluto TV channel - there's no other channel for kids' music, and it would be a simple way to make it ad-supported and maybe get some kind of return on the station.

Here are some bumpers from the station, which play every few songs instead of commercials. They're about a year out of date but I think most of these are still in rotation.



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May 13, 2016
I honestly wonder why Nickmusic hasn't arrived in the UK since it's available in the Benelux territories.


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