Possible Color Print of Goofy Goat Found?


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Dec 7, 2019
Columbia Pictures Corporation (Or Sony)
Goofy Goat was one of the first Color cartoons, along with Flip The Frog's Fiddlesticks and The King of Jazz's Cartoon Segment. Alas, the Color print of the cartoon has been long gone, with the only way to watch the short being in B&W from a Official Films print of said short. The cartoon is also in the Public Domain. It is unknown if the Color print will ever see the light of day...


Apparently, somebody just sent me this from an email and I don't who or where they got it from, so don't ask.

Goofy Goat might finally be found in its original Color glory!

If anyone knows more about this cartoon or the picture above please respond to this thread ASAP! We're a few steps away from finding lost media!


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