"Power Rangers Beast Morphers" Season One Talkback (Spoilers)


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Dec 21, 2017
The rest of Power Rangers Beast Morphers S1 will be on Netflix US on March 15!

Also, you can also at least fix the original post in this thread to include the rest of the episodes of the 1st season.

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This quote used to be a hilarious meme I'd use to counter salty fanboys. But now that I've seen it in context of the episode... yikes. No wonder the Simpsons went downhill when the writers thought so little of what garbage they're feeding their audience. Meanwhile, South Park...

Also, ironically, this quote felt far more obnoxious than most of SP's lines because of the context.
episode 4 of the really loud house has the same stock scream sound effect from that "its monday... already?" garfield meme

and they play it twice in 15 seconds
Check out @Sam the Cartoonist 's thread in The Drawing Board, The Shapes!

There you'll find a link to a truly wild and funny comic strip. It's great.
I wonder if Channel 5 will get a new logo next year, given that BBC One and Two got theirs last year and ITV1 and Channel 4 got theirs this month.
Starting Mon, Dec 5, The Simpsons will be replacing King of the Hill from 2pm-5pm on FXX.

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