Power Rangers Home Video Thread


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Aug 18, 2019
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Welcome to the first-ever Power Rangers Home Video Thread!!!
To start things off I may talk about PR Home Videos in my homecountry. (Venezuela)
Back during late or mid-1994 (when the series was already released internationally) RodVen Video & PolyGram Video Latin America (the actual distributor for Power Rangers home videos in Latin America at that time) released actual VHS of the show. There were a few or many videocassettes of the show distributed in Venezuela because of unknown reasons. This countinued during seasons 2 and 3. This was countinued during ZEO then Turbo and later In Space. Then later during the later PR seasons, (post-Zordon era) home video started to die out there....Later during the BVS-era, VeneVista Video (the actual distributor for Walt Disney Home Video (Disney Videos internationally) and later BVHE (which took over home video distribution of Saban properties after Disney acquired FOX FAMILY WORLDWIDE) in Venezuela) took over actual home video distribution for Power Rangers there. At that time, Time Force was ready for international rollout. (maybe during 2002) Then later during the BVS-era seasons....home video was extinct there. Since then, not enough Power Rangers DVDs were released in Venezuela during the Saban Brands-era (and later the Hasbro-era)


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