R.I.P. Marvin Lee Aday, (Meatloaf) (1947-2022)


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Jul 20, 2003
Tucson, Arizona
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Aday,When I say the word "Meatloaf" what do most people think of? Usually that tasty dinner made up of Ground beef, Cracker crumbs, and a wide variety of veggies inside cooked into a loaf of meat servers plenty.

But when you say "Meatloaf" and "Music" in the same scentence, then you think of a guy who could belt out a song by literally screaming..(But in a good way).

It is sad to see that Today Marvin Lee Aday, better known as the singer "Meatloaf" has passed away at the age of 74.
(Cause of death is unknown)

Meatloaf back in the 1970's was an unheard singer, that is until he got 2 big breaks , in the form of both a hit album and a cult Classic movie. Let's start with the movie first.

I'm referring to the Rocky Horror Picture show (as the crazed singer known as "Eddie"). if yhou want a bit of this work, well here you go:

And it was this movie that started Mr.Aday,'s rise to stardom. Granted he would later go on to other movies like Wayne's World and Fight Club. But Rocky Horror was really Meatloaf's first break as both a movie actor and a singer..

But it wasn't until the next year after Rocky Picture Horror Show that Meatloaf showed his real metal as his first Album Bat out of Hell. Went off the charts. and everyone thought that he was just a "One hit wonder" but in 1980 , he came roaring back with his second Hit album back in 1993 called Bat out of Hell II: Back into Hell That he really showed his stuff.. with his Grammy award winning song, I'd Do Anything for Love. for which he was awarded a Grammy for Best Solo Rock Vocal Performance: and believe me when you see that video, you will be saying "Damn, He's good."

And if you think he was just a loaner. He really wasn't People like Cher and Casper Salmon, and even Boy George noted his passing. and their tweets show it..

The most noted thing he had happen to him was when he collapsed on stage back in 2015 during a concert in Edmonton, since then he had been laying low, but he finally wanted to do a concert to announce that he still hadn't lost that great singing voice of his..

So Rest In Peace, Meatloaf... You will be missed and we'll send you a slice of your name sake to you..(Heck I bet God has a lot of Meatloaf up there..)



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