Remember Cartoon Network's NEW NEW NEW NEW Friday Night Block from 2017-2018?

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Oct 2, 2020
Miramar, FL
As much as we all love and praise CCF to death, but don't you remember the time when Cartoon Network decided to bring back Friday nights in the 2010's?

No! That doesn't count.

I'm talking about...

That's the one.

NEW NEW NEW NEW was an initiative for Cartoon Network back in early 2017 by showcasing new episodes every single day throughout the week starting at 5pm. Then afterwards, in September of 2017, after the premiere of OK KO, Cartoon Network decided to premiere new episodes on Friday nights from 6pm to 8pm. Unfortunately, the block on lasted for several months and ended in April of 2018.

For me, I didn't really care for it at first, but I grown to appreciate it a lot more as time goes on. The bumpers does give off a CCF atmosphere and I find them quite charming. Though, the characters said "NEW NEW NEW NEW" was a bit cute at first, but it got old and repetitive after a while.

Such a shame that NEW NEW NEW NEW got cancelled way too soon due to low ratings, but at the same time I'm not surprised since NEW NEW NEW NEW came out at a bad time when cable TV was in a massive decline due to streaming.

Say what you will about New Thursdays, at least they were to survive for about 3 years.

While in my opinion that NEW NEW NEW NEW Fridays wasn't the best CN block in the 2010's, but I do appreciate when they tried to go back to good old days, but with a modern take.

I highly doubt CN would tried something like this again since it'll still get crushed by competition, but it's worth mentioning.

Would do you guys think in the comments?


May 15, 2021
We had it on the UK's Cartoon Network for a few months in 2018. (ironically starting on April 2018 when the block ended in the US)


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