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Matt Zimmer
Jan 19, 2004
Framingham, MA
*Claps Hands*. Thank you. Thank you ever so much - for making me avoid this film like the plague!

I think I'll go watch Arlo the Alligator Boy again, as in a good movie, someday.
Take care, now. Again - *Claps Hands*
I appreciate the compliment, but you saying that doesn't make me feel great. My negative review is my own and you shouldn't necessarily consider it more valid than a positive review. You are allowed to not take my word for it.

My suggestion? If you weren't planning on the seeing this, don't bother. I don't recommend it. However if you WERE planning on seeing it before you read my review, you still should and you should make up your own mind about it. Maybe you'll disagree with me. Or maybe you'll agree with me and appreciate my review further which would also totally make my day. ;)


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Mar 19, 2016
If this ends up airing on Cartoon Network in the future, that means Rick and Morty's cameo will be on daytime Cartoon Network for the first time in history.


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Aug 2, 2020
and animated version of Game of Thrones, Mad Max, Matrix and Harry Potter shows air on CN lol...
you know that there's a animated version of game of thrones in the works

and there's a matrix anime

but I couldn't be surprised if they made animated series based on mad max and Harry Potter

okay I going off topic here, sorry


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Jan 5, 2014
John Pomeroy was an animator for Space Jam A New Legacy, and he said how he used his wife as reference when animating Wonder Woman in some scenes.


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May 13, 2003
John Pomeroy was an animator for Space Jam A New Legacy, and he said how he used his wife as reference when animating Wonder Woman in some scenes.

The Wonder Woman scene was indeed pretty great. Too bad it was Lola's best moment- it was all downhill from there.


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Nov 4, 2018
I'm not going to argue with you. If you think it's true, it's true for you.
No, in fact, use VPN isn’t illegal in Czech Republic and HBO Max doesn’t block the VPN from access to their service.

It is best to check the source before you jump to a conclusion.

True concern would be language barrier if viewers don’t speak English or Spanish.

It is up to member to use VPN option if they want and I just offer alternative option if it isn’t available in country. I didn’t expect you opt to debate with me and feel free to put me on your ignore list if you want. I don’t have much interest to argue on various topics.

I want a peace, please and please stay positive and stay vibe.
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May 28, 2010
Temecula California
I did like how this movie, like the original, did a flashback to the leads' childhood with basketball, although unlike with Michael Jordan they actually connected Lebron's history with the Looney Tunes (since they were still relevant back when he was a kid) and made it part of his character arc :).

How could you do a Space Jam movie and not use the Space Jam theme? I think the artists even came up with a new version of it. Like, that was probably the biggest thing not in this movie. Where was the Space Jam theme :confused:?

Lebron's family was definitely more relevant to this movie than Michael Jordan's was in the original...this film was so much about family that it may as well have been a Fast and the Furious movie :p.

I didn't realize Malik was Lebron's teammate in the flashback who gave him the GBA until the credits. So they've known each other a long time. I kind of felt bad for what he had to go through in this film :sweat:.

Steve Yeun and Sarah Silverman as Warner Execs? Sure, why not ;)?

Seriously though...why would anyone want a CGI Lebron James in a bunch of WB properties? I did enjoy how Lebron poked fun at the idea of him as an actor when he's the main character in this movie :oops:.

I kept waiting for someone to point out how Al G looked like Don Cheadle...

I was actually surprised to see this film give Bugs kind of a character arc. I don't think they really seriously addressed the fact that Bugs used Lebron's quest to find a team to save his son to hijack it as an opportunity to get the Looney Tunes back together. Lebron seemed to figure it out but it didn't seem like he held it against Bugs too much, but in the end Bugs was able to make up for it by making the sacrifice play to help win the game :crying: .

Sylvester actually had Tweety in his stomach! For more than 5 seconds o_O.

It's nice to see Bugs and Daffy together again and as cantankerous as ever :anime:.

That Wonder Woman sequence was amazing! It made me really wish we could get a proper Wonder Woman cartoon. That, and it was nice to hear Rosario Dawson as Diana again :).

Zendaya as Lola was...fine. Not impressive enough to where I think it was worth recording over Kath Soucie, but she didn't standout that much to me. I feel like Gabriel Iglesias did a really great job as Speedy though :D.

I thought the CGI was surprisingly good in this film, from the cameos to the designs of the Looney Tunes themselves once they made the transition. I think the only one that looked off to me was Gossamer :ack:.

I admit, the Michael B. Jordan joke was legitimately funny. I'm only disappointed that he didn't join the Tune Squad like Bill Murray did :rolleyes2:.

Once again the Tunes are on the losing end of the first half and have to realize they need to play like cartoon characters instead of Basketball players :cool:.

I wasn't quite sure what to feel about the Goon Squad, but I think they served as fitting opponents to the Tune Squad and stand out in their own right compared to the Monstars in the original :evil:.

I think they should have better addressed how Bugs survived or how the Tunes ended up in the real world...but it is a Looney Tunes film at the end of the day :bugs1:.


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