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Mar 18, 2021
Here goes nothing!

"Wayne's Birthday"- The Titans attempt to make an appearance at a young boy's birthday party while also saving Jump City from an attack by Brother Blood & The Brain to prove to its citizens they are worthy heroes.

(NOTE: This story was inspired by an actual event where a young boy named Wayne asked the Teen Titans from the show to come to his birthday party, not knowing what that would entail.

As a result, animator Eric Pringle Jr. animated a quick video showing the Titans responding to his request by apologizing that they weren't able to make it due to busy fighting Brother Blood, intercut with clips from the episode Baby Hands.)

I took this video as proof the Titans were actually capable of doing just that instead of avoiding their duties, and wrote the story as part humorous, and part serious;

The sad and miserable Titans receive an invite to young 8 year old Wayne's birthday party, and they are confused by why he considers them as his heroes. They don't save the day as often as they used to, and they have at least one negative trait. When Starfire questions how he would know that, Raven informs them the city doesn't really know what they do in the privacy of their tower. She also reasons that he sees them as heroic because their hero status is default no matter what people think of them, which depresses the Titans.

Suddenly, the Crime Alert goes off, and the Titans see that The Brain and Brother Blood have teamed up to unleash chaos upon Jump City, but the computer can't detect exactly what their plan is. Despite this, Beast Boy sees this as an opportunity to not only save the day themselves, but also prove that they can be legitimate heroes to the city, and show Wayne his belief in them is accurate. However, the Titans still don't feel that they are up to the task. Robin then motivates the Titans into believing in their integrity and self worth. When the Titans still are a bit doubtful, he also adds that they can get pizza after they make it to Wayne's party, which Raven states in the invitation starts in an hour and a half at 5:00. With the Titans fully motivated, they follow Robin as he says, TITANS, GO!

Their first challenge is a traffic jam, which will takes an estimated half hour. Fearing that they won't make it to the carnage going on, they begin to panic, even Robin. However, Cyborg then remembers that he upgraded the T-Car with a hovercraft function! He flips a switch on the dashboard, and the cars wheels fold in to create nitro rockets that lift the car. They can now easily drive over the traffic!

The drivers in the bumper to bumper traffic are a bit pissed, but after they see them going towards the city, they realize that they actually might save the city this time, and they lean out of their cars and cheer them on!

The Titans are motivated even more, and beam as they feel even they can stop the villainy in Jump City. But just then the heroes see...

A pizzeria is serving free pizzas below! The Titans are now extremely tempted, even Robin, almost steering them off course. Cyborg takes back the wheel, and shouts at Robin that they need to focus on the crime, not the pizza. Robin snaps out of it and apologizes to Cyborg, who accepts his apology. This surprises the Titans, as they have not seen the Boy Wonder apologize in months. Robin realizes more than ever that they need to change, and the other Titans agree, speeding towards the crime scene.

The Titans arrive in record time of a half hour, still having 1 hour and 10 minutes to defeat the villains and getting to the party! They start to cheer, but Cyborg suddenly stops the car. The GPS says they have arrived, but the Titans can't see anything in front of them but the skyline. This is not a good sign.

Suddenly, as they turn to look for something, anything, an invisible hand flicks the T-Car! It spins out of control and knocks it into a building, causing two of the hover rockets to break and the Titans spin out towards the ground. They hold on for dear life and scream in terror as Cyborg deploys a large airbag beneath beneath the car that cause them to hit the ground safely, with the T-Car still sustaining damage. The Titans experience vertigo and almost puke, but as Cyborg mentioned earlier that he just polished the seats, they mange to disgustedly swallow it.

The Titans stumble out of the car and look up to see Brother Blood controlling a large mech, which reaches down to taunt the Titans that they were just in time for "fall". The Titans roll their eyes and Starfire claims she has heard the joke from somewhere from a futuristic bat.

As they hold their ground, Robin shouts that they will take him down and still make it in time for their next destination. Brother Blood points out two things; first, they've neglected to stop him for months, leaving him to build his mech with The Brain uninterrupted, and two, that he sneers that Robin must be referring to the "young brat's 8th birthday bash".

Beast Boy angrily asks how he knows that, and Blood eagerly responds that they have been bugged for months and knows about everything they know and every stupid escapade they went on for the last three months, including the Titans becoming leprechauns, Robin losing his voice (an event that they briefly remember and noticably cringe at) discovering the illuminati, which Brother Blood informs the Titans that Robin's hunch was actually correct and as a result they spitefully bullied him for a week for not believing him and never apologized for it (reducing the Titans to tears) and whatever the heck Thanksgetting was.

But at this point the Titans are crying and hugging each other and emotionally apologize for abusing each other all this time and literally start beating themselves up, giving Brother Blood the opportunity he needs to eliminate them with another simple flick. But Raven, who isnt beating herself up, sees this and teleports the Titans out of the way. Beast Boy claims that Brother Blood is just manipulating them again and none of that is actually true, and that haven't been horrible each other through supposed ignorance, violence, and selfishness.

However, Raven says Brother Blood was indeed right about everything because he had spied on them for "probably a good season's worth". When the Titans ask her what that means, she says that's not important now. What matters is that Brother Blood has purposely planned to break their spirits in order to put them at their weakest.

If they keep letting their emotions control them, they'll never grow as people and be able to change and move on. As she says from bitter experience that she has learned from this, Cyborg gently asks why she hasn't talked about this before, Raven stutters slightly and finally says she's not comfortable about it right now.

Composing herself, Raven says the important thing is that they need to accept the things they have done to each other in order to advance. Raven then uses her black magic to tie Brother Blood's mech up in crowbars, knocking it over, but not destroying it.

She says that she's bought them some time and that they need it to tell each other that they accept their actions and that they can't change the past, but they're ready to move on and make a brighter future for themselves.

However, the Titans surprisingly repeat those words over and over, holding hands and repeating it as a sort of mantra. Raven then thinks the Titans are onto something. She joins hands and repeats the same thing. A circle with a strange ancient T forms, causing the Titans to glow and slowly rise. Brother Blood breaks free of Raven's hex and is about to pummel the Titans, but is flabbergasted about the circle in front of him.

The Titans begin spin faster and faster until a ball of colorful light emerges and zaps each Titans's chest with a uniquely colored glow.

They soon descend and stop spinning, soon falling onto the ground. The Titans get up from the slightly painful descent and realize each of them is glowing! Robin's yellow stripes on his uniform turn a bright golden yellow, Cyborg's blue tech on his suit is a brighter shade of blue, Beast Boy is glowing greener than before, Starfire's gauntlets shine emerald greem, and Raven's cloak doesn't turn white, but a dark lavender. Each Titan is highlighted in their own represented color.

Raven realizes exactly what happened, something she read earlier in her spellbook while sitting on the couch called The Circle Of Trust, a rare spell that can be cast by any five beings whether magical or not that grants them enhanced powers when they display a great act of vulnerability towards on another.

Cyborg asks what just happened, but Raven simply says that she'll explain later, and smiles that they are now truly ready to be heroes, regardless of ability.

The Titans each look and smile at each other, and Raven tells them they now have the most underrated power of all; acceptance of reality.

Raven then tells Robin to say the words, and Robin smiles.

Louder than ever before; Robin hollers "TITANS, GO!"

Brother Blood slightly stumbles and acknowledges to The Brain the Titans are boldy charging towards them and that they need to take action NOW. The Brain, who has been texting and sending memes to Monsieur Mallah this whole time, snaps out of it and prepares to power up the dual controlled mech.

The Titans gain the first strike with the help of each other, and successfully knock the top heavy mech over. The Titans cheer, but their joy is cut short when the mech rises and transforms into a weaponized tank. The Titans then realize that they're in for a brutal fight, possibly the hardest one ever.

A time card that reads in the mock style of the Spongebob narrator says 45 MINUTES LATER..

The Titans then puncture the card, with each of their powers with an irritated glance, informing the artists that they aren't getting off that easy, much to the ire of the crew.

As a result, a complex, brutal, and entertaining fight sequence ensues, with Titans emerging victorious! The Brain's glass dome has been shattered with his brain leaking out, and unable to fight back, Brother Blood uses his own hair, which turns out to be a wig, and a part of the robot to form a white flag of surrender!

The Titans celebrate, but their glow then fades away, much to their disappointment. Raven earnestly tells the Titans not to get upset, for they have a birthday party to attend. Though their glow has faded, Raven's magic still has a bright purple glow to it in comparison to the simple black, and the Titans are happy for her new upgrade.

Raven teleports the Titans to the T-Car which she tries to use with her fingers, but nothing works, much other surprise. Raven is frustrated, but Starfire suggests that her magic upgrade may require something new. Raven then takes the dented license plate from the T-Car, places it on the ground, and tries pointing at it, saying her signature mantra. After a few tries, a mystic circle forms and the car repairs itself from the beam it emits. They hurry into the car, and Cyborg is overjoyed the car is in peak condition. Raven realizes and states that eventually, things work themselves out

On the way to Wayne's house, Starfire asks if their new powers of acceptance will stand the test of time. Raven then informs them that as she noted each of their adventures is self-contained without much continuity, she sadly informs that they will probably revert to their dysfunctional selves soon. Robin then says that while he accepted many true things today, he can't accept the fact that they are incapable of change. Starfire then informs him for the first time since they met, he has been proven himself to be a true leader, and that is the best thing he has ever said. The Titans cheer and head over to the party in their hover car.

We then transition to Wayne's backyard, where a fun and innocent child's superhero party is being cleaned up by his mom, where Wayne (voiced by the real life kid) is upset that the Titans haven't shown up yet and that he is getting worried that they'll never come.

All of a sudden, five figures enter the yard, and Wayne's eyes sparkle...only to see professional impersonators from a party company instead (representing the main voice cast dressed as their characters). Wayne angrily claims that they're not the real Titans, and the impersonators tell him that he's right, and they missed the party two hours ago, as informed by his mom, with her believing this would be the next best thing.

Fake Cyborg tells him that they know the Titans weren't able to make it because he and his fellow partners witnessed the Titans fighting Brother Blood's mech, reasoning that was the reason they couldn't have made it. However, he has seen them be the true heroes he knew they could always be, and tells him maybe they can make his upcoming half birthday party instead. Wayne smiles and hugs the fake Titans.

Wayne's mother than reaches down and picks up a discarded invitation that Wayne made himself. She then remembers Wayne mistakenly put a variant of an incorrect address and time on all of the invitations when he insisted on making them himself, which is why she had to contact the parents of all his friends to give them the correct information, meaning the Titans not only arrived at the wrong time, but the wrong place too.

Fake Raven then wonders they possibly could have ended up, and we then cut to exactly where they ended up; a decrepit and rancid apartment with creepy adults dressed as children and a disfigured woman about to feed them a disgusting cake. They're restrained by rusty chains to wooden chairs with their hands tied together.

When Cyborg asks why they cant leave, Robin insists that they have to stop struggling and make "Wayne" happy or else they'll be get "the chicken" again. The terrified Titans agree, and Cyborg sadly realizes the pizzeria is closed by now. Beast Boy asks Raven why she thought "things sort themselves out eventually", she simply says that sometimes that they just don't, and Starfire remarks that she's glad this is a self contained adventure with little continuity.

Beast Boy asks what they should do now, and Robin tells them that for now, they just need to eat their cake and pray for a swift ending, and then the episode ends with the Titans simultaneously having big slices of the gross cake shoved into their mouths, and as they're about to puke their guts out, the screen cuts to black as we hear them do just that.
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Anyway, I actually came here for a reason. Tell me if this counts as fan ideas that shouldn't belong in this thread but I'm trying to practice my loglines and I think I'm more likely to get an opinion on how I'm doing on this one:

"The Titans throw Robin a celebrity roast (featuring Seth Rogan and the ghost of Dudley Moore) in order for him to start laughing at himself."

How's that? Are there any problems with it?
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Anyway, I actually came here for a reason. Tell me if this counts as fan ideas that shouldn't belong in this thread but I'm trying to practice my loglines and I think I'm more likely to get an opinion on how I'm doing on this one:

"The Titans throw Robin a celebrity roast (featuring Seth Rogan and the ghost of Dudley Moore) in order for him to start laughing at himself."

How's that? Are there any problems with it?
Lose the parentheses and it's fine.


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