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May 13, 2003
A new show from Steve Dildarian has debuted on HBO Max. It's a spiritual successor to his earlier show The Life and Times of Tim, so if you've seen that, you know what to expect here: Cringe comedy, awkward banter and the main character getting themselves into some escalating embarrassing situations.

I've watched the first two episodes so far (each episode is comprised of two shorts). Of them, the best was "The Spelling Bee is Rigged"- one character is asking Tom to cheat to win, another is begging him to lose because he's betting against him. Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place!

One thing that bugs me about the show, though, is that Tom is basically Tim in kid form, but has the same adult voice and personality. And since the character names are so similar, I almost thought this was a prequel series at first, but no, Tom is supposed to be an entirely different character. It's weird.

Another thing: This is going to sound like damning with faint praise but the animation is improved over TLATOT- there are actually character movements at times! Yeah it doesn't sound like much, but considering the characters in TLATOT were basically static except for an independent arm movement here and there, anything's going to look like a step up.

Anyone else watching this?


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