The Analysis of Cartoon Network in 2007 and online people's interests in their shows that year


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Nov 20, 2019
Welcome to my series of analysis of my very fist kids network that i watched- Cartoon Network through years and how much were people interested/ popular in those years. This time I will analyse year 2007.
This year there was a management. There was a Bostom Bomb incident incident which led to CN's then president leaving and new one came name Stewart Snyder. If 2004 was't year where people said CN "died", then this is the other answer. Many shows were announced to be cancelled, first live action show premiered in 2007 and there was an increase on Canadian acquired programming. CN City and YES! era were replaced by Summer 2007 and then that with "Fall is something Grownups invented" era. Miguzi block also ended.
I will now analyse how popular were cartoons that were running at the time and even those that have ended. Also just because some show is higher, it doesn't mean it has more quality than shows that are lower than them. Like for example: would you really consider that Baby Looney Tunes is on same level of quality like Justice League.
NOTE: Besides CN originals, I will also include WB originals that CN was their home like Teen Titans, Justice League but not ones like Mucha Lucha and Static Shock because CN isn't their home network. Also I will include acquired shows from other countries that are/were shown on CN USA and other country's CNs like Totally Spies and Atomic Betty.
Shows in bold means that those shows had new episodes in 2007.

1. Ben 10 - It has taken the first place for most popular CN show in 2007 and its popularity and it still keeps growing. For how long? You will be suprised.
2.Totally Spies - It is still has big popularity.
3. PowerPuff Girls - Even though it ended 2 years ago, it is still popular among internet crowd.
4. Teen Titans - Yep, still huge on internet. I doubt it will ever not be huge on internet.
5. Code Lyoko - It ended this year along with Miguzi.
6. Ed, Edd & Eddy - Eds are still cool kids on internet.
7. Codename Kids Next Door - Kids fighting against adult tyranny. It was also one of first serialized cartoons.
8. The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy – Fred Fredburger became one of two mascots during CN YES! era. It was also close to EE&E popularity.
9. Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends -Cheese became one of two mascots during CN YES! era. It was close to EE&E popularity. There were even billboards with him.
10. Johnny Bravo -Johnny is 10 years old now.
11. Courage the Cowardly Dog - CN's first show that can be considered horror-comedy.
12. Samurai Jack - Jack ain't losing any interest from online people.
13. Justice League Unlimited -It is still among CN's most acclaimed shows. It ended this year.
14. Dexter’s Laboratory -Why it isn't higher on the list?
15. Camp Lazlo - Lazlo's peak year.
16. Baby Looney Tunes - Show still has sizeable internet interest.
17. Justice League -First WB show that CN was their home network. It was often considered pinnacle of DC animation along with its followup Unlimited and Batman: Animated Series.
18. Cow & Chicken -It's been 10 years since momma had a chicken and a cow and dad was proud and couldn't care how.
19. Robotboy - It is somewhat popular online.
20. Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi - It started to slowly go out of people's radar for some reason but still noticable.
21. Transformers Animated - Premiered very late into 2007, but it has proven to be a hit among people.
22. Storm Hawks - Canadian co-production which also proven to be a hit among Internet crowd.
23. Megas XLR - People want this show back.
24 Bratz - It didn't have new episodes this year, but will unfortunately have new episodes next year.
25. Krypto the Superdog- It existed.
26. Class of 3000 - It got cancelled by a lawsuit.
27. My Gym Partner’s a Monkey - Show isn't hit among online people.
28. The Life and times of Juniper Lee - It's last 2 episodes aire on CN Video and never on TV.
29. Atomic Betty - It is still going on.
30. Duck Dodgers - Why isn't this show more popular among crowd?
31. Chowder - It premiered late into 2007, so it will take time to catch on people.
32 I Am Weasel - He was a weasel for 10 years.
33. Space Ghost Coast to Coast - Ok, I know this show was airing new episodes on Adult Swim, but AS different entity than CN. Also even with airing new episodes it still isn't popular with all those above shows.
34. Cramp Twins - I semi forgot about this show this time around.
35. Squirrel Boy - Wow, I guess this show was kind of a failure so CN ended it. Can't say I'm shocked.
36. Pet Alien -Show is rather obscure.
37. Sheep in the Big City - It had 2 seasons and 26 episodes and it was quickly forgotten.
38. Star Wars Clone Wars- I wonder how many people know of this short's existence.
39. Out of Jimmy’s Head -

40. Time Squad - It had 2 seasons and 26 episodes and it was quickly forgotten.
41. Skunk Fu - Skunk stinks.
42. Evil Con Carne - It is obscure.
43. Fantastic Four World’s Greatest Heroes - This show isn't popular.
44. Land Before Time - Series is based on movie franchise that has 13 movies and it is mostly ignored.
45. Mike, Lu & Og - It had 2 seasons and 26 episodes and it was quickly forgotten.
46. Firehouse Tales - Forgotten.
47. What a Cartoon - At least 6 shows have came out out of this (and one of them was Family Guy but on Fox).
48. George of the Jungle - Watch out on that cancellation.
49. Big Bag - It existed.
50. Whatever Happened to… Robot Jones? - At least it isn't dead last.
51. Sitting Ducks - It had 2 seasons and 26 episodes and it was quickly forgotten.
52. Sunday Pants - Does anybody remember this "show"?
53. Gerald McBoing-Boing - Forgotten.
54.The Moxy Show- Still last place.

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