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Aug 8, 2020
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in response to the talkback thread not being used for quite sometime. I decided to bring them back Staring with the casagrandes. let’s start with my reviews of some of this year‘s episodes.

the kids plays In the picture: this got on everyone‘s nervous skills when they saw the imaginary cloud bubble of the casagrandes building getting destroy and everyone crying.

achy breaky art: what is the best type of fun that season. Art preventions of course and Ronnie Anne and the cousins with Frieda’s painting is no acception.

An udder mess: Just another Lincoln special appearance. good times with Ronnie Anne, Sid and Carl at Dairyland. Nice surprise appearance from Lori to since she’s gone to college and need to do something in her career.

Teacher’s fret: I’m glad Ronnie Anne save her dad from dating her teacher. They are not cut out. Like I always say the green grass grows all around all around.

I breakfast bot: The most thrilling episode of them all and it’s all done by the winkster. This episode has the feeling of Barney live in New York City.

dymanic di over: I just never know what would happen to Bobby and Carl especially from stopping a robbery.

home makeover: Clumsy folk Larrs used Ronnie Anne’s dad home as a secret from his mansion.

undivded attention: Carlota becomes mischevious here evan on her date.

karatie chops: this episode is Goofy. Breakfast bot has been rebuild for this case. And Adelaide did great karatie moves.

Taco the town: funny that hector dressed like Rosa and tries very hard on his shoe throwing.

Zoomergency: this episode is so fuzzy and blue from the beginning and puttin more terror to the animals.

Saving face: Sid and Ronnie Anne are true heroes here fighting off pigeons to get the mask back. And the winkster struck again here.

matters of the kart: Carl should have taken force with an old man who got the car first and the pigeons would have killed someone else.

Chancla force: Things gone awry when Carl hides rosa spare sandals she sometimes wear. What a nightmare for him When the family was free from them.

fluff love: it’s just adoreable adventure and this teaches me how shy I might get. Another moment without Ronnie Anne the main star of this show.

battle of the grandpas: Frida and Carols‘ grandpas faced off naked in one bit. it was brutal for the.

prankaversary: Lincoln and Ronnie Anne’s teasing really paid off. Epic fail for everyone else.

do the fruit shake: it was awesome and makes me want to try out pumping it up.

maybe sitter: carlota and Bobby on double duty with taking care of the boys and partying down. I could imagine what Maria might say.

throwing pains: after some minor thinking it turns out with some great ease including Larrs in a plastic bubble and Ronnie Anne and friends throwing water balloons on carl putting him in a coma.


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