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Apr 23, 2001
They're dying to save the world

The Suicide Squad
Release date: Theatrical, HBO Max - Showings start August 5, 2021 at 7pm ET, Wide on August 6, 2021
Studio: Warner Bros. Pictures
Director: James Gunn
MPAA Rating: Rated R (for strong violence and gore, language throughout, some sexual references, drug use and brief graphic nudity)
Runtime: 2 hours and 12 minutes
Screenwriter: James Gunn
Starring: Margot Robbie, Idris Elba, John Cena, Joel Kinnaman, Jai Courtney, Peter Capaldi, Alice Braga, Pete Davidson, David Dastmalchian, Michael Rooker, Daniela Melchior, Juan Diego Botto, Joaquin Cosio, Steve Agee, Storm Reid, Nathan Fillion, Mayling Ng, Flula Borg, Sean Gunn, Jennifer Holland, Tinash Kajese, Taika Waititi, Freddie Stroma, and Mikaela Hoover; with Sylvester Stallone and Viola Davis.

Synopsis: Welcome to Belle Reve, where the worst Supervillains are kept and where they will do anything to get out — even join the super-secret, super-shady Task Force X. Those willing to take the chance find themselves dropped (literally) on a remote jungle island for a search and destroy mission. Did we mention it’s teeming with militant adversaries and guerilla forces? One wrong move and they’re dead.

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May 18, 2006
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WARNING: Long rambly spoiler review below and also talking about history of this film cause I like doing that.

I don't think I'll ever get tired of how many cosmic hoops and misfires and just plan oddities that had to happen to get this movie green lit. So you can skip this story if you've heard but I think it's fun to recount it; When the DCEU decided to move forward with their own cinematic universe despite how... luke warm the reception to Man of Steel was they began lining up a bunch of projects. Most made sense in relation to being about the main heroes of the Justice League like Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash and Cyborg all getting movies (well that was the plan anyway as obviously Victor Stone ain't getting his own movie anytime soon) but the odd duck out was Suicide Squad getting a film. Like though the concept was popular it felt odd to have a movie about a bunch of anti hero/villains in a DCEU that had at best really only sold the story of one hero let alone a group of them let alone a bunch of their bad guys long around enough for such a concept to get off the ground. I have the feeling though this was done not only to get some of the super popular characters that otherwise would take ages to get to in the DCEU (like Harley Quinn... honestly mostly Harley Quinn) but wanting to bank off the success of James Gunn Guardians of the Galaxy. Thus it was fast tracked through production by David Ayer but when Batman v Superman didn't do so hot and the idea of more super dark and gritty dour DCEU movie philosphy was changed, SS was mangled in post production being given edits by a trailer house and was released as this odd frankenstein of a movie that though did finanically well, was a critical failure and unlike Batman v Superman which they had to follow up on there didn't seem like there was a good way to continue more of that franchise. Thus it was put on hold as the team tried to do damage control by seeing what other projects could be made from SS's wreckage.

However that's when the guy who helped inspire the original SS movie to even be made in the first place James Gunn got fired from Marvel. The Guardians director was targeted by a bunch of annoyed right wing fans who furious that Roseanne was cancelled off her show thanks to her current racist tweets, dug up old terrible tweets James Gunn made years ago. Which chances are Disney knew about (I mean James Gunn came from Troma which was all about bad taste no way can Disney act like the idea the guy who wrote Tromeo and Juliet or "James Gun PG Porn" wouldn't of said some distasteful things at one point) but company image had to be maintained thus the higher ups fired Gunn from making Guardians of the Galaxy 3 and other Marvel projects. As Kevin Feige and other Marvel teams who knew Gunn lobbied for him to be given his position back which they eventually relented, DC came to Gunn to offer him a deal to work on any project they had in their library. I think they wanted him to revive Superman and try to get people into that character again but Gunn had no interest in that rather he wanted to make his own Sucide Squad movie. I have a feeling to half show what a movie on the team should be like but also because he's a huge fan and wanted to dig deep into some DC lore. Before the contract was signed though I'm sure Gunn made a specific note that this film in addition to being as violent and bloody as he wanted (thus the R rating) was not something that could be changed with or altered especially in the editing. This couldn't be something DC would tamper with like they had so many other movies and honestly after how many times that bit them DC relented thus why this project even more then the two other Guardians movie probably is more 100% James Gunn and his sensibilities fully unleashed. Not really having to worry about any ties or connection to any other DCEU film even the first SS and thus totally it's own thing. And how was it as it's own thing.

I do have a couple of issues here and there but honestly most of this does really work for me and this is up to the high quality of James Gunn other comic book movie outings.

First off though this comes way closer to the feel of Suicide Squad then the first movie this still doesn't quite have the "villains doing the job assigned in order to just get their sentence lowered and aren't really in any chance of being heroes or caring about specifically saving the world" attitude that is nailed much better in the animated Suicide Squad movies especially Hell to pay. I mean there's no super cheesy annoying heartfelt moments (Ratcatcher talking about love almost comes close but it's only one line in and her flashbacks at least give justification for it) that the original 2016 tried shoving down their throat but even as a not hardcore DC fan it does feel weird to have of all characters to take on Starro the Conqueror it would be the squad. I also do think that Gunn did cheat a bit on his promise of "oh yeah this is a super blood bath where most of the characters die" as yeah a good half of one team dies but they were only there... what 10 minutes at most and though it is a good scene the "surprise decimation of an entire group" was honestly handled funnier in Deadpool 2 then in this movie. I mean most of the main team does survive. Okay Rick Flag and Polka Dot Man die but honestly the only character I was actually surprised to seemingly die was Peacemaker and even he in the post credit scenes was revealed to be alive at the end so feels like a bit of a cheat. I also do think even if it had a good ending the Silvio/Harley Quinn romantic montage went on too long. Her falling for him and having sex in the middle of his speech was funny and her shooting him pointing out "after my last relationship I kind of off guys who give red flags like murdering children" (I think the movies are now just totally forgetting she apparently helped kill Robin) was good but that felt like a pretty huge diversion of the story really only done because of how popular Margot Robbie and Harley Quinn are. I will say this probably is the best movie we've seen with Robbie in it as she feels much more like her own consistent yet still amusing without being irritating character and it at least is explained why she's constantly kept alive through the film better then the other movies in the DCEU with her but... still feels like a major diversion on her part especially since unlike with the other character it doesn't really connect wit hher forming a bond with the rest of the squad. I like how Harley and Rick are more friends but yeah outside of some good banter bits you don't get a connection there. Heck sans the rats and Harley both being in Starro, did Quinn and Ratcatcher 2 like have ANY conversation at all?

But yeah those are all nitpicks there's a lot of stuff to really get into with this movie. For example this one was really funny. I don't know if it's quite at the level of the two guardians movies for me but there were a lot of great bits here I vastly enjoyed. I really loved everyone trying to identity on the plane what weasel was with Blackguard thinking he was some sort of dog; the reveal of Arms Fall Out Boy's power and him just smacking grunts with his fallen arms; Savant watching the group all die and trying to run away in a screaming panic (hell Rick and Morty tried to do that joke in "Rickdependence Spray" but they spent way too much time just tryingto build up the supposed cool guy who was a coward way too much for it to really hit but here just him being more stern and annoyed at first and then just swimming away before Waller blew off his head sells the joke a lot more); Bloodsport annoyed at his daughter for stealing a worthless watch just because you can watch TV on it, the running gag of Ratcatcher 2 girl constantly sleeping and Peacemaker calling her a milleninal, Ratcatcher asking why the projector wasn't used in the presentation and if it's not being used why not just throw it away, Bloodpsort annoyed that one of the guys on this supposed unique team Peacemaker was apparently just like him, Ratcatcher getting King Shark to befriend the group after he tried eating her, Bloodsport having a phobia of rats that he didn't have on his file because why would anyone have a weakness listed on their spread sheet; this awesome brutal scene of the Squad going in to seemingly save Flag against these suppose gureilla soldiers especially Bloodsport and Peacemaker trying to outdue to the other's kills and the reveal that these were mercenaries Rick Flag had actually made peace with and befriended their leader and them trying to play off the others had all just left, Polka Dot man having to picture his mother every time he killed people, this movie's take on the bar scene just them drinking as they were waiting for the Thinker trying to make a toast of not dying in like three hours, Peacemaker and Bloodsport easily taking out the guys who were trying to kidnap them, "don't make me have a rat chew it's way through your anus" "you wouldn't believe what's been in my anus", how Harley got the Javelin from Javelin and not knowing what he meant by keeping it save and her seeing it later and using it in her action scene and saying it's purpose could be given from god or Jesus, the Milton guy Polka Dot Man befriended them coming with them on the mission and dying and Bloodsport and Harley having no idea who he was and Harley admitting she never even heard of a guy named Milton before, the group that was betting before on who would make from the original squad actually being the ones to knock out Amanda when the squad was preparing to fight Starro, King Shark moving those fishes in the Aquarium, Bloodsport constantly falling through holes in the collapsing building and him tolerating the rat being on him in the end.

And honestly the story and characters make a lot more sense here. Amanda Waller and the government being behind taking Starro and wanting to off him now that he wasn't being used by their own allies is the kind of double handed shady stuff she would cover up and want Task Force X used not just saving her from her own damn problem like the first movie. And though the villains aren't anything special here I do like the commentary talk with Thinker pointing out America's hyporacry as well as Starro wanting to crush the city after being kept in a lab for 30 years after he tore apart Thinker. The battles were actually really good too from the first team showing their powers to taking out those refugees and that scene with Harley and the guards especially when she got the Javelin or was slamming them through bars was great. I loved how brutal Rick Flag vs Peacemaker got when Flag wanted to get info of Waller's dirty dealings and showing Peacemaker smash him around from the gleam of his helmet was great as was battling in the breaking down building and I do love seeing the team cleave through all of these actual human opponents especially King Shark eating through some of them especially after it showed shooting him wouldn't do any good. I guess the Starro battle wasn't any like super epic but it honestly made sense for this kind of character. And you know I will give credit this movie does have something over even Gunn's two guardians movies; the heroes all using their unique talents in differing ways to take on the main baddie to all have a hand in offing him. From Bloodsport's ultra gun to King Shark jumping and drawing blood to Ratcatcher gathering all the rats in the city to gnaw at the tendrils to Harley using the Javelin to jump in through Starro's eyes (I guess the rats could follow that into Starro) and ultimately take it out Plus honestly most of the relationships in the team worked and all the characters here felt strong like you could really grasp Peacemaker's ego yet cynical jaded attitude and Bloodsport's frustration yet bit of heart and Ratcatcher's humanity and heck even Rick Flag felt way more like an earnest character then just some guy yelling or trading bits with Will Smith like in the last movie. I even felt sad when he died which yeah no way would I of in the last movie but this movie obviously is different.

I admit I haven't seen a lot of movies this year but so far this is my favorite. This has less issues to me then Black Widow and a stronger team based climax and I just generally enjoy it throughout. And appreciate how this doesn't outside of Peacemaker still being around sequel beg with the squad actually being given freedom thanks to Bloodsport offering that deal (which is a way better ending then them just in jail again) and this still feels more like how Squide Squad should be so yeah good stuff.

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Jan 19, 2004
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The Suicide Squad

This film is totally not my scene. I don't like movies like it. However... It had a good ending. I may have disliked the first hour and a half, but the good ending actually makes me forgive a LOT. The movie is getting a positive grade because of it even if the rest of it underwhelmed me.

Amanda Waller's portrayal was interesting and annoying in equal measure. It's arguable the Big Bad of the movie isn't Starro, or Peacemaker, or Thinker. It's Waller. It could be argued none of the bad stuff that was happening would have happened without her. I am with Harley at the end in her reluctance at Bloodsport making the deal where Waller gets off Scott-free. As far as I'm concerned, she is more evil than almost every member of the Squad.

Except for Weasel. That dude freaks me out. DuBois should count himself lucky he didn't have to deal with him.

Something else needs to be noted about this version of Waller. She's incompetent. She sucks at her job. She recruited Weasel for this mission despite not knowing whether or not he could even swim. She puts Bloodsport on Ratcatcher 2's team without knowing he's afraid of rats. The Waller on JLU and Young Justice KNEW things, man, like things she had NO business knowing (see "Rich boy"). This Waller is an idiot. The Squad here takes out an entire camp of rebels and potential allies, because Waller and her team don't bother correcting them. Flag calls them stupid for that, but if Waller did her job, the mistake wouldn't have been made at all. Also whenever we cut back to Waller, she's invariably either sleeping or playing minigolf in her office. One of the reasons I hate the character here so much is that she's stupid and lazy. And that's totally outside of the other Wallers.

I'm very surprised at how sympathetic I found King Shark. And Ratcatcher 2 is an effective character because if she cares about a character I do too. She likes him, she likes Bloodsport, she liked Polka-Dot Man, and she liked Flag. Whatever else you want to say about her, she's a good judge of character.

I think Polka-Dot Man is dangerously insane though. It's not entirely his fault, but perhaps dying is the best ending for him. The thing I didn't like about his death is that I think the only reason he died is because he was supposed to. His powers and gimmick are ridiculous, and this specific franchise punishes villains for that. I suppose it could argued Weasel coming back to life and escaping proves me wrong. Except I HATE Weasel. I much rather would have had Polka-Dot Man survive than him.

Flag calling Peacemaker a joke was accurate. I was shocked they killed Flag, but not too surprised Peacemaker popped up alive in the tag. The upcoming spin-off TV show COULD have been a prequel, but the truth is after what he did in this movie, I would not like to watch his character arc leading up to that. Afterwards, maybe some sympathy and redemption is possible. Until then, I appreciate the tag because I would not have liked the TV show to have been a prequel.

Boomerang being killed so early on was a shock too. Although if Deadshot isn't there, there's really no point to him.

The stuff with Harley and the cartoon butterflies was cool.

I found King Shark relating to and thinking of those colorful creatures as his news friends as openly tragic considering what they wound up doing to them. I will say one thing for King Shark: He is super hard to kill. There were several points where I was like "That's the end of him," and he just kept getting back up.

My opinion: This is actually a sequel, not a reboot. It contradicts nothing in the first film. In fact, Harley saying Flag was her friend wouldn't have made sense unless the first film DID happen. Billing this as a reboot is too cute by half. It's definitely a sequel in the same Universe.

Ratcatcher 2 saving the day was a pretty neat idea of how to end things. It's nice that SOMEBODY'S weird powers aren't useless. Interestingly, I have already created a comic book character with those exact powers. It's interesting somebody else thought the idea of being able to control an organized group of creatures like rats could potentially be useful. Unlike Ratcatcher, my character's powers are played relatively straight. They aren't treated as ridiculous or jokey which is very outside of the idea itself. Which is also why my comic book is so nuts.

I like that Harley killed the Corta Maltese President. Specifically for the reason she did. She promised herself that if a boyfriend started exhibiting red flags, she'd murder him. She's apologetic, she didn't want to have to do it, but willingness to murder kids is a big, old red flag. She's definitely a murderer herself. But morality and standards of decency for her do exist.

The idea that Starro's victims all DIED instead of merely being freed is a dark one. On the other hand, if that wasn't the case, I's feel a LOT worse about Bloodsport and the Squad using lethal force against them.

I did not enjoy that much. But the ending was right, which means it get a positive grade. ***1/2.


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Nov 4, 2018
IMPRESSIVE movie ever that I saw and loved it!!! King Shark is one of my favorite character and this movie is FULL with action.

I recommend y'all to watch this movie.


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Jul 13, 2003
I found it slightly better than the first Suicide Squad movie but I would still only give it as high as 3.5 start because it either ran too long or was too excessive for me.

I loved that Ratcatcher and Harley of all people saved the world and Waller's crew turned on her. Definitely a movie that celebrates outcasts. I thought it was funny Harley kept finding Javelin's javelin or when she smacked him and demanded him to finish his sentence. Turning on Luna was an interesting way to show how she's changed between Squad movies and of course she shot him over killing children, a veiled nod to her friendship with Cassie. Ratcatcher won me over with the projector joke and Sebastian was so endearing. It was also a surprise they tweaked Starro as less villain, and more just some alien creature snatched out of space by some overzealous Americans. The scene with it being strapped in the shuttle with the astronauts oddly reminded me of the Abu Ghraib controversy with soldiers like Lynndie England which added to the anti-government overreach stance. It was also interesting to see how Polka Dot Man's backstory and powers were tweaked but it also weirdly added to the anti-science vibes by making him in the victim of his crazy scientist mother's aspirations. I was shocked they killed off Rick Flag and Captain Boomerang since they are mainstays, but I guess that was one way to catch us off-guard. I guess in retrospect, it was laid out with Harley hugging him or Sol calling him a good man. Sucks we'll never see Flash vs. this Boomerang in a Flash movie. But Rick had a good final line. Peacemaker's heel turn of having secondary orders from Waller and killing Rick, I'm not sure how we're supposed to be rooting for a Peacemaker series.


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Polka Dot Man was an obscure Batman villain from the Silver Age (I think). They made him more sympathetic here, which was pretty cool.

Ratcatcher II, Cleo, is a doll. Period.

At least they came up with a name for the New 52-era Thinker (former Dr. Who Peter Capaldi played the role with glee and menace). Not digging the look, though. I guess Pete Davidson was hired because he has a punchable face and does expendable pretty well. I kept waiting for Stallone to croak out "Yo!" as King Shark, but, nope. Whodathunk the two hotties and the rats beat the big bad?!? I was disappointed that Starro couldn't talk himself (Dee Bradley Baker, who did Sebastian's sound effects, would've been good as gold), but through his replicate-wearing drones. Most unfortunate that the drones were killed instead of cured.

Waller, while more ruthless, lost her common sense between movies. And to think John Ostrander originally pictured her (as drawn by Luke McDonnell) as Nell Carter with an attitude 34 years ago. Viola Davis plays the role well here, and we'll probably see her in Peacemaker come January. Speaking of......

I guess Cena didn't have enough hero cookies and cheap sauce for his role. Peacemaker comes off as more ruthless than he'd been presented before. Not like what I've seen in the current comics.

All in all, a fun trip, and better than the first film.


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Aug 1, 2012
After all the hype, this was kinda disappointing. It was decent action movie with fun characters, but brought nothing new to the superhero movie genre and it probably would have been better with one or two less action scenes (when the "Starro-Zombies" rose up, I felt so tired).

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Jul 24, 2006
the point of no return
Okay, I decided to watch this as a double feature with the 2016 original film. My first time watching both.

No one will believe me, but I feel like this film was made with Will Smith in mind to return as Deadshot, and they just made a slight revision to the script for this to be Bloodsport. In all honesty, to be more comic accurate Elba should've played Bronze Tiger here. As Waller, Javelin, Rick Flag (in his iconic yellow shirt), and Boomerang were SS staples for the Ostrander era. King Shark was Gunn's Groot/Drax stand-in. He certainly worked as comic relief.

I didn't like Waller in this one. Even though she was seemingly more ruthless, she was not Waller-esque. Waller had contingent plans on all of them at any given time. Cena as Peacemaker was alright, but he really probably should not have lived. Weasel was another Gunn ploy, just hope they use him correctly next time.

Not a fan over super ultraviolet films either. It did it's job. Not a top ten for me, but I respect the effort.

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Jul 24, 2006
the point of no return
That is unfortunate. He had a bad time with comic book films thus far. I'm interested who his lineup for the Squad were.

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