There should be another Sonic the Hedgehog anime, to be honest.


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Apr 1, 2022
Sonic X is kind of a mid anime to be honest. Even when you watch it subbed, it doesn't really change much.

So why not make another, better Sonic anime? There is clearly a market for it. A new Sonic anime would honestly be dope. While Sonic Prime is looking quite good, CGI shows are getting kind of overdone. We need more 2D animated Sonic shows, and an anime would be just the thing.

Now of course, there is the problem of Sonic not being that popular in Japan. But the franchise is very popular elsewhere, and anime is also popular around the world. If they don't want to worry about TV ratings, Sega could always make it a streaming exclusive. Also, personally, I would love for Trigger or Bones to do it. I know Sega owns TMS, but honestly, they don't really fit the Sonic style that much. Their work on Sonic X was spotty, to say the least. Sure, there were a couple of amazing, sakuga worthy moments, but the action was pretty stiff, and there were plenty of off-model shots, too. Trigger and Bones don't have this problem (for the most part), and either of them would be a perfect fit to animate the world of Sonic.

But what do you guys think? Should there be another Sonic anime?


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Jul 9, 2008
If we get a second Sonic anime, it should be co-produced and distributed by Paramount Television Studios, since Paramount owns the movie rights.


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