Two-Face In Animation: A Retrospective


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Apr 15, 2002
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Justice League Action seemed to come and go for me. With the glory days of the DC Animated Universe long gone, and the later DC shows Green Lantern: The Animated Series, Young Justice and Beware The Batman cut off in their prime due to a foolhardy network having no idea what to do with such potentially valuable assets other than make cheap looking shows strictly for the younger audience, I got my DC animation fix from the DC Direct to Blu Ray features, as I fall well within their target audience (although I do wish they’d release the physical copies the same day!)

Justice League Action looked like a show strictly for the younger ones and I had long since cancelled Cartoon Network as part of my Sky TV package to watch the show. I intended to (and still probably would) purchase the Blu Ray of the show, but such a set has yet to be released.

Despite my comments, it seems to have its fans as a fun superhero show and in my pursuit of a reasonable level of journalism, I have managed to see a few episodes of the show to review for these very retrospectives. While none of them are offensively tedious like Marvel’s Spider-Man, Avengers Assemble or Guardians of the Galaxy, having watched a handful, I don’t feel an overwhelming sense to view the rest of the episodes.

The show looks incredibly juvenile, but the designs clearly reflect a smaller budget which seems to be the norm in modern day animation… they appear to be their strictly for their target demographic who don’t seem to care much at all about the visual appeal – bright and cheap is the name of the game here.

While the look of the show is clearly youthful orientated, the cast features some major players in the voice over field. Longtime favorites Kevin Conroy, Mark Hamill, Josh Keaton and Diedrich Bader are featured heavily and there’s no shortage of fairly big names here… this isn’t just the same usual voice over crew (although many of them are included here.)

Two-Face would appear in a single episode, in which The Penguin hires Deadshot to retrieve Two-Face, who has been apprehended by Batman. Our dear Dark Knight recruits Plastic Man to disguise himself as Two-Face to trick Deadshot, in order to capture him as well.

There are a few decent lines in here, but the episode’s juvenile nature is increased by the mere presence of Plastic Man. I’ve never really been a fan of the character, and his jokes have always been more miss than hit for I. Even the excellent Brave and The Bold cartoon usually felt like it was dropping down a peg whenever Plastic Man appeared.

Two-Face is voiced by Robert Picardo here, who does a fine job. The surprise casting of the piece is Christian Slater’s Deadshot who looks to be reprising his role from the excellent Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay film (which, as an aside, I thought was better than either live action Suicide Squad movie). I wasn’t aware Slater did a lot of voicework but a brief perusal of his IMDB profile shows he’s now a frequent voice over actor. He fit Floyd perfectly here, it must be said.

Overall, I enjoyed the episode. It kept my attention for 11 minutes and it’s always, always a delight to hear Kevin Conroy as Batman again. No second season of the show was ever announced, with the reason looking to be ratings based. I also suspect that around this time, Warner Bros considered the words “Justice League” to be migraine inducing, given all of them problems with the filming, editing and backlash for the live action Justice League movie, and the fans demands for the Synder cut to be released and then of course, once it was finally released, Synder filmed a stinger setting up a sequel… how he managed to play Warners to pay to film that additional scene knowing what the reaction would be I’ll never know. A big, clear “F U” to the studio, all to ensure the #RestoretheSynderVerse would carry on ruining Twitter.

In summary? I’d buy a Justice League Action blu ray, but it doesn’t devast me to know it will probably never be made. A little something for the kids.

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May 28, 2010
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I thought Robert Picardo did a great job as a more comedic Two-Face where the two sides are arguing so much and Harvey is just this nice, unassuming, lawyer type to contrast with Two-Face being...Two-Face :p.

The only problem is the coin never came up...


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