US Kids TV Channels Ratings 2021


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Nov 4, 2016
This is how the pay TV kids channels performed ratings wise in the US in 2021 and the results are shocking (these drops were basically the same last year):

Nickelodeon 335k (-32%)
Disney Jr 258k (-17%)
Disney Channel 233k (-35%)
Nick Jr 232k (-31%)
Cartoon Network 201k (-26%)
Disney XD 83k (-13%)
Boomerang 77k (-16%)
Nicktoons 67k (-24%)
Discovery Family Channel 43k (-25%)
Teennick 37k (-37%)
Universal Kids 35k (+3%)

To put things into perspective since 2014, Disney Channel has lost 88.1% of its total audience and Cartoon Network is down by 79.3% and Nickelodeon by 74.5% since 2016.
It's crazy how many kids now don't watch the linear kids channels at all.
For a lot of them it is exclusively Youtube and gaming. Lots of kids don't even have a TV at home.
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