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Jan 16, 2014
I thought we'd make a thread on providing and sharing tips on a successful voice acting career. Here are some of mine.

. Learn To Act

There's a reason why it's called "Voice-Acting." Part of providing a decent vocal performance is not just to talk over the mike, but to emote as well; as long as you can emote you can act. Acting by itself is not an easy task, but if you can practice to manipulate your emotions, or try an reenact something you remember to convey your emotional energy, you can pull off a good performance.

Vocal Exercises

If you've been a part if a singing or theater class in your High School days, you probably remember student assistants providing the rest of the class vocal exercises; you know stuff like lip rolls, vocal scales with a piano, practicing word play or tongue twisters, gargling warm water with salt, or humming drills. They may not seem like much, but remember vocal cords are muscles and working on your range is like working out on a weight set, the more you practice these exercises, the better your range can get over time.

Physical Exercises and Stretches

You may not think like it is necessary, but working out and stretching is a benefactor for staying healthy, and may even improve your vocal health as well. With the case of stretching, rotating neck in a clockwise direction, rolling your shoulders, and even massaging your throat and face help to warm up your throat and your voice, so be sure to do them regularly.

Vocal Breaks

This may prove challenging, but sometimes we need a break from talking, in some cases 10 hours; again it sounds odd but going for a long period of time without talking once in a while may help rest your throat and voice to give it time to restore itself. Jess Harnell once commented you should not talk after 10pm.


It's no brainer we need a healthy diet, but when it comes to voice acting there are certain foods we should avoid or at least cut down on; no acidic fruits like tomatoes, or anything too saucy, or anything with caffeine, dairy, sugar, fat, butter or starch; and of course no tobacco or alcohol.

Instead or coffee, energy drinks and caffeinated teas, drink more herbal teas like mint, peppermint, rooibos, marshmallow root or slippery elm tea, as well as eat more vegetables, green apples, non-sugary fruit juices or even smoothies, and of course plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated, even warm water helps cleanse the throat and even boost your metabolic rate and reduce weight. Of course you can also add ginger and honey to some of your foods or beverages to further soothe your throat, and if you still want to sweeten them.

One product in particular I can also recommend is Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa, or Honey Loquat Syrup, it's a special Chinese medicine that some voice actors like Fred Tatasciore take like when they do big monster voices. It acts as a coat for your throat and cords and prevents laryngitis. You take take by itself or add it to your tea or juice, or even just water.

Mind you you can't exactly find it in your local drugstores (so far as I know anyway) so your best option is to buy them online, though shipping and handling can make the product more pricey.

And those are my tips for working on voice acting, if you have any you wanna share yourselves feel free to share them.
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