Why do animation fans hate adult content?


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Mar 2, 2018
They don't hate adult content, they just hate tryhard edgelord South Park wannabes with gore or offensive humor in place of jokes.
There are plenty of great adult animated series, but most people talk about them for about a week after they debut and spend the rest of their time crying about how The Simpsons needs to end and how Seth MacFarlane is the spawn of Satan.


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Jul 17, 2015
-Ugly animation styles.

-Reliance on pee pee poo poo humor, drugs, sex or just in general being crass.

-Many follow the same basic formula done by Simpsons and Family Guy.

-Being aimed at adults should give creators more freedom to do things that you couldn't on modern children's programming, but most just stick with a "sitcom with a twist" formula. Average family, but there's a talking dog, or an alien, or the family are aliens, or the grandpa is a drunk misanthrope.

-Most tend to be very bleak and mean spirited (I know, I know some people here hate that term, so do I), it's hard to care about a show when it's just a family being buttmunches to one another.

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