Will Challenge TV in the UK follow the Boomerang USA model by focusing on streaming?


Jul 2, 2021
Challenge TV in the UK has performed poorly since around 2015/2016, with its only successful show being The Chase. It has also received less attention in recent times, with almost no original commissions since 2016, it’s +1 channel being closed down, it’s social media feeds and website being cut and being removed from Sky Catch-Up. However, it could be revitalised by following the Boomerang USA model of focusing on streaming. The new streaming service would include shows that air on the channel past and present, including old original shows like Family Catchphrase and Stake Out. If the streaming service becomes a success, the TV channel could be removed from free tv and be replaced by a channel like Sky Replay or Sky Crime, although due to the potential for lucrative sponsorship deals, the channel will remain for a period of time after it leaves free tv and stay on pay tv.


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