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It seems like Disney Television Animation is really ramping up in getting out a bunch of tv movies. This information is from animation festivals, where you have to sign up to see this, so hopefully there's an article about it soon.

And the winner of the competition is Mickey's Tale Of Two Witches, which got 5 votes. Scooby Doo On Zombie Island got 1 vote. Thanks for voting everyone.
This is weird: nick@nite tv schedule seems to be listing all Nick shows on schedule in addition of nick@nite shows on schedule

So both are tied with 3 votes each. As per usual, I don't decide the winner of the competition, so I will extend the voting by 1 more day.

I don't understand why nick@nite shows Full House on social media considering it already left the lineup last month

Yet nick@nite social medias failed to post Mike and Molly
If they're still posting about it, then I'm wondering if it actually has left for good even though they removed the show page for it.
Mike and Molly facebook page post finally been posted.. so I'm hoping Full House twitter post for this would be the last though..
I'm currently watching Alex Bale's video about Goofy Goober, and it definitely goes into strange places, but it's quite interesting to watch.
I'm currently watching the livestream for DC Kids Fandome on YouTube. Batwheels comes out next year, and apparently, Batman: Caped Crusader and My Adventures With Superman come out in 2023. There's also a scene from DC Superhero Girls 2019 of Diana asking Barbara to not be friends with Harleen, and we see the Joker. Hopefully, there's an article that talks more about this.

The winner of this matchup is Mickey's Tale Of Two Witches, which got 4 votes. The Book Of Life got 3 votes. Now we move to round 4, the final round. The matchup is between Scooby Doo On Zombie Island and Mickey's Tale Of Two Witche

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